Ra(w) Spice Identity and Packaging

A redesign of a spice company.

“Ra(w) Spice” Stationary

This project began with the research of the history of spices. The task, being to redesign "Spice Supreme" into a more upscale, luxury commodity rather than a kitchen necessity.

 I came up with the "Ra(w) Spice" as a double entendre referencing the Egyptian sun god Ra as a key player in the creation of spices and suggesting that the quality of the product being natural or "raw" from the sun. "Ra(w) Spice" progressed into an identity, which was born in its graphical representation and packaging.

The culmination of the spice project was in the design of it's packaging. With an environmentally-friendly, recyclable container that is both visually appealing and "keepable" or disposable, depending on the consumer. A visual cohesion of the company's identity was maintained throughout each piece in the Ra(w) Spice series that is clearly seen in the development of the project.

The series was carefully constructed and the final product contained both the depth of research and personal stamp of my visual conception.

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